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About Hell's Kitchen

In March 2011, I was attending Mipel, a leather goods tradeshow in Milan for the first time.  Upon entry I immediately stumbled across this small stand that had these amazing bags made from recycled inner tubes and used seatbelts and T-shirts.  I was captivated and excited about the possibility of bringing the brand to Australia.  I took the opportunity to travel to Verona and meet with Marco Lai and his team to discuss representing Hell's Kitchen in Australia.  From that point our relationship has grown, and here is the philosophy that inspired Marco to create these amazing bags in his own words.

Richard Hogan.


"If a larva can turn into a butterfly, if a parasite can become a pearl, if a piece of coal can become a diamond, but aboveall, if the bad luck of getting a puncture can turn into an idea… that's just how an inner tube can suddenly turn into a bag. Or rather, a collection of bags.

That's how one day, whilst I was repairing a flat tyre on my bike, I had an intuition: Why not use the tyre itself as if it were a type of leather or cloth?

After a series of attempts, that item that was about to be thrown on the dump, was ready to become an object of design, a hotbed of ideas, a devil's kitchen, a name: Hell's Kitchen.

Materials such as heavy duty inner tubes, car seat-belts, t-shirts, shirts etc are strictly recycled and carefully elaborated and are brought back to life in a different form as bags and unique and charming accessories.
Take a seat at my kitchen table and savour the dishes I've prepared, but be careful... that you don't grow a tail as well!!"

Hell's Kitchen - 100% Chic Recycle!